Just call me Cousin Eddie… or don’t actually

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about saving money.  I’ve also been painfully longing for the country and nostalgia has been hunting me like a dog on a rabbit.  So the thought of making a home in a well-equipped camper and taking it out to my old Indiana homeland is downright near irresistible.

This gal’s post had something to do with it too.  I know there are major downsides but it still seems like the greatest idea ever.  I dream of being more tied to the land and community my family’s been in for generations and this would be a non-permanent way to test those waters ( and perfect timing as i wouldn’t want to do it with kids and family responsibility). So… anybody wanna sell me a trailer?


Glad I came across this site – all about the camper/RV lifestyle and those that love it.


(header picture courtesy of my iphone capturing my family’s “weekend home”–the campgrounds in Alton, Indiana  on the Ohio River)

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[…] This is a brilliant concept to me.  Imagine the possibilities – Icecream, Tacos, Healthy Stuff… Yes, I know this is nothing new but our city’s market is not very saturated so just sayin’…  Maybe I could do it out of my camper-slash- home! […]