hasta luego

The photos above–taken from my desk at a very early, sleepy 6am this morning– are my way of telling you asking you for your patience as I take a bit of a posting hiatus.  Work lunchbreaks are full, freelance projects are near the wayside, i had a miserable run on saturday which means much more hilly training on the calendar, my bedroom has lost its floor, and i need a haircut.

(ok so the haircut has nothing to do with the break but still…. i do)

but to keep you 32,000 daily readers (ok i exaggerate slightly) happy, i’ve provided you with some other lovely things to keep you occupied.  see you soon on the other side (or pressure Bea and Starling to come back to the blog they’ve abandoned in favor of their newborns…pshhhh- likely excuse.)

is she not stunning? (especially here, here and here)

Love this unique idea for nails

A great site for your man to follow; a post for the ladies who like to wear their man’s clothes

i have been obsessed with these lately.  i mean – i want them all the time. i want the sky to rain them down.  i want to dive into an overflowing silo of them.  And i can’t have a one.

Kate (and Andy) Spade’s home

i’ve talked about pinterest a lot lately.  here you can find a few of my blessings and dreams in pin-size form

just started this book. i’m sure many of you have done the same recently.  so far so good.  should be quite the blook club discussion.

Domino favorite Rita Konig designs this condo

DIY Valentines Day: cards, decoration, the menu, ideas from Martha

Finally – My awesome friend Terri took this picture of her little girl with her dear little friends and next-door neighbors.  I can’t stop looking at it.  It’s just so perfect.  Every bit of it.  Here’s to some childlike play (and rockstar yells) this week in the midst of the every-day craziness.

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