The Greatest Game


There are a few things I love: fried runny eggs, spearmint gum, old pick-up trucks with seats that nearly burn your bottom and….. College Basketball!  (high school’s pretty great too but a gal nearing 30 is better off to avoid any affectionate talk towards anything to do with high school boys)

To me there’s nothing that captures the glory, the sweat, the thrill, the incessant male to male butt-slapping quite like a good game of hoops.


I was lucky enough to be raised in the capital state of basketball – Indiana (Hoosiers!)–  and spent many of my formative years watching all of the boys in my family play. I cheered in humid gyms, on those hardwood courts (i still get a thrill when I hear the opening bells of Jock Jams);  cried over wins and losses; crushed (hard) on the players; and weekly vowed silence towards my best friend when she rooted for our greatest rival.

My pappaw coached all his life and was recently inducted to the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

(very small part of my family’s memorabilia)

In my childhood neighborhood, we coordinated street ball tournaments (the boys would play and the girls would hold cheerleading tryouts).  I have a feeling these were very different from what goes on in say… Harlem.  But I’d love to watch a good city pick-up game.

This gal says “The Cage is a public basketball court on West 4th street in NYC and it’s a renowned scouting ground for the NBA. Hopefuls players from all over the country travel to the cage for a chance to be seen and professional players often show up and play to keep up their street cred.”

The emotion that goes on during a basketball game is unrivaled.  It’s always so hard to watch the forlorn faces of those who have worked so hard while they watch the season slip away on the scoreboard.  But oh the joy of the victor…

(photos by Chitwood and Hobbs… a great site!)

And the dunks!  I mean- what the C is that?  Superhuman, that’s what.  We love it because it’s impossible; because it makes heroes out of humans.  Like in that documentary, R. Kelly told Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny to  believe they could fly and then they could.

(Remember Teen Wolf? Gosh I loved that movie.)

He may not win any awards for best human being but uncle Bobby will always be the greatest coach ever!  Interesting read- this article from 1985.  He wouldn’t get away with a lick of it these days.

In a sport boasting the ugliest shoes ever created, you pretty much gotta go vintage to find somethin’ pretty.  I would love to have one of these old leather basketballs on display and I would put this sweater on my kid.  Or my right arm.

And now for you unsporty gals who might (im)patiently still be with me – No one can deny that a chick in sports gear is hot!  The right sports gear that is.  Luckily- quite a few retailers are offering some cute and loyal team gear these days.  Victoria’s Secret and Old Navy are two options.

And finally- if this entire post has bored you to death- here’s some celebrity eye candy in thanks for your patience.  Although i will never understand why in the world anyone- celebrity or not- would put themselves through so many much-inferior NBA games. Yawn.

P. Diddy & Snoop

Jack and Leo

Vanessa & Nick

Lil’ Wayne

Best for Last: Marky Mark

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1 Sarah Cosper { 03.31.11 at 2:46 pm }

My grandpa is in the Indianan Football hall of fame!

2 Sarah Cosper { 03.31.11 at 2:47 pm }

“Indiana” :)

3 Wren { 03.31.11 at 3:46 pm }

By googling, i’ve also found a bunch of comments about how tough of a coach he was and how a lot of his players didn’t like him but respected him and now say he was the reason they continued to play ball, etc…calling him the best coach in Indiana.
So so crazy to think of others knowing him like that when i always knew/know him as my pappaw who spoiled/spoils me rotten (and who happens to be crazy, crude and lewd as heck!–he is still alive btw) .
Also almost cry when i read things like this (in an article before the gym dedication): Ferguson admitted that he will be emotional Saturday night. “It’s going to be awful hard for me, and not only that, I’ve got 12 grandkids and their families, all of them coming in. With all them I said, ‘How do you expect me to walk out on that floor and accept that? I’m used to ranting and raving.’ That will be a completely different night for me. That’s going to be tough.”

4 Michael { 03.31.11 at 4:45 pm }

If the NBA is inferior why do they get paid more?


5 Wren { 03.31.11 at 5:28 pm }

That’s precisely why they’re inferior.

Although i’m not so sure we won’t soon be hearing more on exactly how much the NCAA ballers are making under the table

6 Tera { 04.08.11 at 9:16 am }

I just read this blog and of course love it! I sent the link of your grandpa to my Dad (he grew up in Harrison Co.). He totally knows who your grandpa is and said he never made the connection to you though! Just thought that was cool.

7 Wren { 04.08.11 at 3:17 pm }

That’s awesome! Thanks for sending. i’m proud of him. And my hoosiers :)