Not Your Mom’s Wallpaper

My childhood home was covered in wall-to-wall wallpaper. My bedroom in particular had a border depicting frolicking unicorns and castles far past the age of appropriateness. In recent years my mother has torn down nearly all the wall paper in the house and replaced it with paint, and vowed to never go back to paper. But I think I’ve found a company that makes such beautiful designs, it’s worth the hassle.

Flavor Paper’s designs range from riffs on classic damask patterns,  to modern geometric patterns, to crazy digital murals and photographic patterns.They have a variety of substrates that the designs can be printed on, so you can get your favorite pattern printed silver foil if you want. You also have the option to customize the wallpaper even further by choosing the colors. Or, if you have an entirely original idea of your own, Flavor Paper will print it for you.

Below are some sample patterns, but be sure to check out the “Installations” page to see some of the products actually used in the real world.



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