Death Where is thy Sting?

It is quite rare  for death to be happily celebrated.  Today, a wide number of the population is doing just that.  But what if the less notorious funerals we attend came with an element of joy and celebration? Can there really be a bitter sweetness to earthly life lost? What if “death” actually ceased to exist at all…defeated long ago by the blood of deity?

Last night- here in our small city- before the news reports triumphantly crested the air waves, before the whooping victory cries of proud patriots rang out, a very fine much-loved servant quietly passed from this earth with his family by his side.  Simple yet powerful words were spoken confirming the sorrow-free peace, rest, and glory he was to soon enter.

As they seem to often do, these events are inspiring my thoughts toward the brevity of life and the reality of what awaits.  I never want to gloss over the suffering and sadness that accompanies this world but I firmly believe in the beauty behind the veil.  I believe that Good has already defeated Evil and that we can reap the rewards of that victory

This video explains it better than I can.  It speaks of the reality of suffering and darkness and wrestling with it all.  It also speaks of hope. A mans words 300 years ago come out of our aching wounds as if they were our own.

I would hope that any preconceived ideas you have about “religion” and “church” –as well as any hurtful things done in the name of those oft-abused titles–can be put aside simply in consideration of the most significant things any of us have to think about…Life and Death.  What we believe about that shapes everything.

Please do comment on the video and the stories told and your own thoughts on life and purpose even if they are not in agreement.  I only encourage you to keep thinking and considering and conversing.  It is of the utmost importance.

Oh yeah– and enjoy some great music too!!

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