What Wren Whipped Up: Homemade Flour Tortillas

Hullo Friends!  I just returned from a glorious Tennessee cabin retreat in celebration of my roomie’s upcoming nuptials.  It was wonderful.  We swam and made delicious cocktails and ate bacon for every meal, and most importantly- laughed until our guts were achy.  You will soon be required to sit through my show-telling photo display and superflous play-by-play so save up some energy.

In the meantime I was quite proud of myself the other day.  The cupboards were bare and i was in no mood to venture out of my cozy homestead.  No worries.  I’m one of those regular ol’ gals who always comes up with some extravagant meal out of the leftovers and crumbs found around the kitchen (no big deal).  Ok so it wasn’t that extravagant and ok so i’m not really one of those girls and this was an exception, but still – i’m pleased as punch.

So here amigos – is how you make your own delicious tortillas.  It’s easy as heck and requires very minimal ingredients.

I used (roughly) the recipe found here

I did all my mixing and dough-forming and kneading by hand and took care of various other chores while the dough sat and had a rest.  I don’t have a rolling pin so i was forced to use a beer glass.  It did make for some odd shapes at first but it did the trick.

Once one or two dough balls are rolled out, you begin placing them in a dry frying pan while you start rolling out the remaining.  Watch carefully though ’cause it doesn’t take much time at all for it to brown.  Flip over to fry the other side.

Once they’re browned to your liking, you can place them straight on your serving platter or stick them in a barely heated oven (about 200 deg. ) so they keep warm for a while.

Now I confess – mine did resemble a much flatter sort of Naan a little more than tortillas.  I’ve talked to others that also have this problem — can’t seem to find a way to keep them as thin as your typical burrito shell.  But honestly, I don’t mind them being a little thicker…delicious served simply with butter.  And when you fry them up as a quesadilla — as we did recently at a work birthday celebration –they’re perfectly sturdy and provide a rightly crisped encasement for the near-bursting goodness inside.

Of course, they always taste better when there’s a sweet face like this to share them with

(Amelia – daughter of previously mentioned birthday celebratee)

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1 Mary Beth { 08.24.10 at 2:33 pm }

You are so resourceful!