Lou Eats: Anchorage Cafe

As if there weren’t enough charming neighborhoods and worthy enticements for the palate, our little-big town keeps surprising me.  As long as I’ve lived here, i still find myself saying  – “I wish I would have known about this before!” as I stumble upon yet another unintentionally hidden treasure.

This time it was in the last place i ever look – right in front of me!

Less than ten minutes from where I work, the commercial roads turn and roam past storybook stone fences surrounding grassy lawns as green as my envy, ending at the unassuming yet hoppin’ Anchorage Cafe.

Anchorage Cafe is a “destination locale” in structure as well as in theme. Oh so many years ago it actually functioned as a train station serving the city’s early development.

I met Bea there for some lunch yesterday and thought i had been transported to the plush resort neighborhoods of Hilton Head Island.  The sun was shining and middle-aged women in tennis skirts were happily chatting and chomping about in the modern outdoor cafeteria.  The cafe shares a courtyard with another new restaurant Village Anchor Pub and Roost which i’m going to assume has to be pretty darn good as well going on name alone.

Walking in pace with the breeze through the open doors, we found the interior just as pleasing.  Rich wood, exposed beams, clean and warm like a newly remodeled family ski lodge.  If mahogany leather couches were there, my day  would be made.  And then perhaps I would try and convince my friend Emily to let me spend the night there too.

Everyone say Hi to Emily!

After we ordered, Mama Bea showed me pictures of Baby Bea.  No, you didn’t miss out.  She’s still in the womb.  But as we all know – technologies and cameras have grown rapidly in their tolerance for things that are creepy and extraordinary and frankly kinda gross.

Thank God.

Everyone say Hi to Baby Bea

Bea had a seductive Cubano. I ordered the chicken salad. It had bacon and avocado on it.  How did they know??  The toasted bread was crisp yet perfectly chewable.  The chicken salad was light and appropriately respectful to its previously mentioned more rightly adulated elements.

The sandwiches were served with appropriately colored veggie chips that looked like foliage and tasted like awesome.   Yum.  I look forward to trying the rest of the menu very soon.  I also am excited to try their coffee/espresso as it comes from Counter Culture which is much talked about amongst my coffee snob friends.

My endorsement has now been given with two thumbs high up.

And now I’m off to the North Carolina Mountains.  Too-da-loo !! (does anyone in the world know how to correctly spell that?)

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Header Cafe picture and scenic pictures of the ‘hood taken by this one and this one

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