Food Trucks

Today the Lil’ Cheezers truck came to visit my workplace

This is a brilliant concept to me.  Imagine the possibilities – Icecream, Tacos, Healthy Stuff… Yes, I know this is nothing new but our city’s market is not very saturated so just sayin’…  Maybe I could do it out of my camper-slash- home!

People – especially office people – really do just EAT THIS STUFF UP!

Caprese, Fried Bologna, Brie and Walnuts… so many different cheezzzzzzes!  And for dessert- a s’more sandwich!

They even offer a curry ketchup.  Which makes me want to puke up my kidneys ’cause ketchup is the grossest thing to ever exist but you may be into it.

As much as I rave though- that is not what i had for lunch.  This is:

Oh i know i know.  I had to threaten my jealous office-mates with asparagus spears.

But speaking of healthy deliciousness– and spears actually — the other day i had some farmers market veggies lying around with some italian chicken sausage.  Beings as it’s summer and all, I put a sharp-ended skewer through those SOBs and made daddy fire up the grill.

They marinated overnight in olive oil, fresh rosemary and some salt and were quite delicious if not exactly the most filling.

What are your favorite things to grill?  I also love asparagus, butter and parmesan! mmmmm

Back to Alton for the weekend for more camping and boating and…..


Have a great Fourth everybody!

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1 Emily { 07.01.11 at 4:45 pm }

I actually think your lunch looks really good, but I probably would have caved when faced with a smores sandwich. You’ve also inspired me to make kabobs this weekend, so thanks!

2 Wren { 07.05.11 at 10:31 am }

glad i could help :)