coffee experiment

Addicted to coffee?  Well you may or may not care about this project.

Addicted to everything that has to do with (good) coffee-i.e. the experience, the history, the varied cultures surrounding it- or have a great knack for torturing yourself by looking at the beautiful places you’re not at right now? You may wanna check this out

I have been reminded in about 2 minutes that Italians are so much cooler than us ( “We don’t have those”– mimicking “venti” cup size) and that if you’re cute, stylish and from West Virginia you somehow get to travel all over the world and drink and eat awesome things and write about them.  Am I missing something? Am I Bitter?  Perhaps slightly. Pun could not be more intended.

Did I mention I can’t even drink very much coffee right now due to health reasons?  Bah!!

And now is when i plug our fave local coffee spots where they know their stuff.  you may call them snobs but i call them friends.

Want more? check out my dear Jess’s photo collection of that most special and happily welcomed cup o’ ebony

I mean – if you’re gonna be the stereotypical hipster, might as well just paint it on the walls loud and proud

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1 stephanie strader { 06.18.11 at 10:02 am }

this looks interesting erin, but i’m a bit disappointed. just from glancing through photos, a lot of the capps & lattes there consist of a lot of foam and not a lot of contrast between the milk and espresso. there also wasn’t any espresso shots that caught my eye, lacking a good creme.

BUT the Filter shop in D.C. was pretty cool looking! i liked how they personalized their shop to really stand out–espresso machine, cups and even the bike rack.

now, i do have to give a ‘shout out’ to Sunergos Coffee. I’ve learned a lot of this working for them. i’m thankful Louisville doesn’t just have one, but a handful of excellent quality and quaint coffee shops.

2 Wren { 06.20.11 at 9:01 am }

yeah steph- i don’t know much about coffee – not to the extent of you geniuses at least but i also didn’t find anything too outstanding regarding the photos. i felt like it was more interesting in the account of coffee culture in different countries… culturally… etc… it’s a little more about the stories of drinking coffee than stories of making coffee. at least that’s more what i get from it. but i see what you mean.

and thanks for calling out sunergos as well. that’s totally my bad. i should have. in fact- i will insert it now.