Salute to Navy

Deep blue feels like the color equivalent of one of those friends you’ve just met but feel like you’ve known all of your life.  It is “in” at the moment.  “The new black” as they say. Yet wasn’t it there all along? Paired with white in a bold stripe or standing in the background helping a fellow color really stand out.  Well now is this cool hue’s time to shine.

Here are a few ways I love to see it done:

Rustic and quietly striking with tan/gold and white…

Navy blue could not be a better mate for oranges, salmons, fuschias and corals. I really hope to have at least one room someday displaying this perfect match.

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1 comment

1 jess { 06.06.11 at 4:48 pm }

Love it!!! I’m really loving the crisp clean nautical Colors/themes w/ blues right now.