Not just for watches

Well lookie here what I just uncovered!! (And now is when i find out if  the use of “lookie here” turns away blog readers in addition to making real writers and more refined cultural surveyors hiccup their pre-lunch snack).

Whilst admiring this amazing deal I stumbled across a shining prize-all this time in plain site of  the dimmest of wayfarers.  How have i missed this for so long? My gift-giving has suffered indeed.  Fossil Finds Who knew?  Definitely not just for watches.

Allow me to introduce you to my dream Croquet Set.

And i’ll tell ya- I am also quite the fan of  their easy-breezy effortless Spring/Summer stylin’ (big surprise i know).

Might possibly almost make the prospect of a hot humid summer slightly maybe more enjoyable.  Maybe…

Front porch sweet tea here I come!

This is my idea of the perfect romper.  And I already plan to have a scarf wrapped around my head daily.

And that most important deciding factor… Yes, there are lots of great items for sale (with names like Fiona, Cordelia, and Dinah too)!

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