just a little off

I have a thing for off-white for Spring…

…and Winter and Summer and Fall.  It could be my favorite color.  Fresh and creamy, basic and versatile, delicate yet to-the-point, sneaky and smart,  just a teensy bit sultry and dirty….

It’s  goody-two-shoes White’s  little wild-side cousin

And it knows how to make a good deal apparently…

(header photo by the Queen of Cream:  A Beach Cottage. Go there now!or uh… as soon as you finish this post)

Eggshell Leather Ferragamos for $38 !!

London Fog Trench 66% off

darling Swallow Bird Hair pins under $10

What a tease! Gauzy Curtain $20

get your fingers twisted in a Decorative Pillow $14.99

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1 comment

1 Molly Cooper { 02.11.11 at 1:54 pm }

Oh Wren, what beautiful images! Off white really is wonderful. You described it perfectly up there! (I especially liked “sneaky and smart.” It seems very appropriate.)

Also, I wanted to thank you for your congratulations on my post, it really does mean a lot :) What you said is so sweet! And a lovely blog you ladies have here, I’ll be sure to keep checking in!