Good Style Profile: Pippa (Philippa)

oh the Style of the rich and famous

People are crazy for Pippa these days and because it’s one perty bandwagon i’m gonna jump right on

Let’s face it.  She knows exactly what she’s doing and she does it well.

She, my friends, is a smart lesson to follow (although she has one very important thing i happen to lack… a smokin’ hot body… and gams that tempt me to think she’s been climbing English firs).

So we take what we can

People Mag put a nice little presentation together already. Let’s point out some highlights.  Lights off.  Projector rolling…

Pippa is a pro at monochromatic.  Beware of copying though.  Unless your mono-color of choice is a dark one–or you have tone in both figure and skin like hers–the head-to-toe neutrals might wash out, fatten, and other ghastly things.  Practice with caution.  I have to say that the outfit on the right is probably my favorite of hers period.

Great outfit overall but have to call out that bag.  Want it.

I’m not in love with all color-blocked garm but this ones got me.  Must have something to do with the navy blue- my fave color of late.

Speaking of my favorite color…  Pippa and I would definitely be friends because we obviously agree on the fantastic combo of deep blue with popping shades of pink.  And that blazer just up and turned daytime casual into sassy nightwear.

And underneath it all, the shoes are all wise.  Classy, pretty, basic and very versatile.  We know this because looking through catalogues of Pippas style shows quite a few repeats faithful constants in shoes and bags.  Again- the girl knows what she likes and is obviously confident in it.  I admire that. And lets face it- to us humble commonfolk, its nice to know those with the wide and seductive sartorial world at their fingertips still have just that small part of their closet they always return to.

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