Free Falling into spring

(image via Restoration Hardware)

I confess I am a member of the “always looking ahead so that I miss what’s right in front of me” club… probably vice-president.  And so even in Spring as we get some much longed-for warmth and color, I start longing for Fall.  I don’t wish it were the only, but I do wish it were the longest.

But what I certainly don’t feel guilty for  is loving the earthy, rustic tones and colors that noble Autumn brings in plenty.  So in Spring,  I fit in by creating a more open, airy, and light atmosphere but I’m also stickin’ out a bit with a loyal and constant undertone of subtle, rich, and warm.

Or to put it more bluntly, I like a little more of the branches and twigs over the bright blooms and buds

And to me, my bright friends, this provides “natural” space for those blossoming attractions you find on a pillow– or in your front yard– to pop out just as they’re made to.

daffodil terrarium

A daffodil terrarium by Terrain

Or (and i would recommend) make your own by following instructions like these

Also from Terrain is this year-round accessible and frangrantly named lavender hill wreath

Chic Cottage-y French works any season, any time.  These provencal spice jars from Anthropologie are less than $2 a piece!!  And the minty creamer for only slightly more mint.

And of course….  Warm Days/Cool Nights means nothing but living on the back deck/patio/patch of grass.  Fast forward just a few months and chilly hoodie evenings with scents of bonfire and cinnamon and leaves giving a “farewell” means nothing but living in that outdoor sanctuary all over again.  And to keep our bare feet from stepping on some gooey grody bug, we say “Let there be Light”.  Target’s offering Free Shipping for all outdoor lighting items below.

I like the metal flowers and the clear lanterns with a metal lid.

And finally… just for kicks…  I’m a little late in posting this but surely there are a few of you late in blog-drooling too (or you just don’t mind slobbering all over again)….  We look forward to sporting J.Crew’s incredible fall collection.  Coming Soon but wish it were sooner.


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