the where and the what

It’s officially summer and beyond frizzy hair and frying beams of sunburn, here’s what’s on my mind.

This song. I like it. (would make a sweet wedding first dance song eh?)

I finished Season 1 of One Tree Hill the other day and I kinda got a little too into it.

Besides being dramatic with emotion-evoking songs in the background (no matter how bad they are they get you dangit) it makes me nostalgic.  And I’m addicted to nostalgia.  I’m addicted to bittersweet.  Even though my high school days looked nothing like that.

Plus Peyton Sawyer is the antithetical punk/indie-rockster cheerleader and maybe I relate to that a bit.  Wish my curls could relate to hers a little more.

(I’m a little jealous.  But she has no boobs so there.)


My less semi-shameful viewing habits include this gem.


Emily Henderson is not only a skilled designer but she wears great outfits and has a charming wit as well.

I recommend tuning in and reading her blog.  For a second opinion- and slightly more detailed review, read here (But why don’t you believe me?)

Now- There are only a couple of things that push me out of doors in this heat and those are a boat, a campground and a tennis court.  Ok, maybe that’s three.

And beer and burgers.

Ok, that’s four.

Anyways- the tennis courts…  I would like to play in these unexpected spots.

What a flippin’ fantastic use of urban space!

I admit- this makes my stomach a little queasy.  And what happens if you hit one off the side? Can it bonk someone on the head and kill them?

Plenty of perfect spots for these’ns in Indiana

I am also –like many others– LOVING this book.

And making some plans for money-saving, health-boosting and life-planning.  More to come on that.

And as for the boats and campgrounds… fit a bit of that in this past weekend.  Storms and Tornado Warnings put up a lousy fight.


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1 jess { 07.09.11 at 8:47 am }

one tree hill. yes yes. my sister and i watched those new seasons (not the newest ones now, but i guess the first ones after H.S.)… anyways, yes a little addicting… loved it! started to watch the old ones online…. something else we should have watched while we lived together! :)