As another hot and humid memorial day weekend approaches, I’ve been thinking about what my summer holds.  I don’t have any vacation plans this year and once again the regrets of not being a schoolteacher flood in as i consider the hours my swively rolly office chair will continue spending together.  But there will be some fun-making for sure.

First of all, I will spend as much of it on my uncle’s boat as possible!

Otherwise, I look forward to: summer nights, fireflies, and grilled meat everything;  farmers markets and the delicious breakfasts they will provide me with; yard sales and antique shopping; reading on my “veranda” and picnics/croquet in our side yard; driving through the country in Bea’s truck with no destination in mind; many trips out to spend time with the grandparents; hopefully lots and lots of mini-trips exploring my great state and those surrounding.

Certainly we have an abundance of the highest pleasures at our fingertips don’t we?

Real Simple has some great ideas and tips on enjoying your summer.  Read Here

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