Life. and all the ways we know it

By now most of you have heard of the tumblr “Awesome People Hanging Out Together” which is quite frankly… pretty awesome.  There are so many favorites but I have to call out this one especially because it’s hilarious.

Sophia be all like…. hmmm

and then all like…woah!

and then all like…so lovely to tee… i mean meet you

Another site you’re going to be addicted now is the Life Magazine archives. They’ve captured the most quirky and noteworthy of cultural and historical highlights all the way back to those times in which I say “I had no idea they had photo-taking devices back then”.

And then some smart pretentious person stops crunching on their backyard-grown kohlrabe saying… “Well actually it was probably through DaguerrotypeI have one in my basement. I pretty much think it’s the only way to take a picture” and I won’t even have to ask what that is because i remember it from this book, but then I will go see this primitive processing system and snap a picture of it with my iphone camera.

Seriously though- i have no idea if that’s how these super old ones were taken.  Were they?  And seriously- how is that not already the next hip thing? That’s the vintage to top all vintage; the organic of all organics.  Wipe that sweat off your brow and go telegraph your photographer friends to announce you have beat them at being cool.  You will totally be the deepest under ground until someone decides to just start drawing everything.

So anyways i like these photos:

above by photographer (daguerrotpyer?) Wallace Levison

These are titled “Country Doctor“.  I’m startled by how movie-like they are while knowing the fear and drama is completely real and was actually occuring at that very moment for those people.  Talk about capturing something…

A conductor on the Yugoslav childrens railroad (what??)

Mamas- you don’t have to – but i think it’s alright let your babies grow up to be cowboys

The timeless romance of makin’ out at the drive-in (mamas- you might wanna worry more about this than the whole cowboy thing)

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1 Tera { 06.10.11 at 2:34 pm }

Great pictures. Reminded me of these that I saw awhile ago on the 22 Words blog (john pipers son). Pics of Mt. Adams in cincy 1908