Saving the World, One Shoebox at a Time

Bea forwarded me this link today about a partnership between Puma and designer Yves Behar to design a more environmentally responsible package for shoes. The result is “The Clever Little Bag,” a bright red PET (recycled and recyclable) bag that contains a folded piece of cardboard and a pair of Pumas.


According to the linked article “By switching away from boxes, Puma is saving 8,500 tons of paper, a million litres of water and a million litres of fuel. The system will reduce paper used for shoeboxes by 65% and carbon emissions by 10 tons per year.” And, the Clever Little Bag is sure to draw a customer’s eye in any shoe store already crowded with cardboard boxes. I like the idea of reusing the bag when packing a suitcase, to keep dirty shoe soles from touching your clothes.

Behar is something of a star in the industrial design world, and he has a slew of interesting products to his credit. Check out some of them here.

I haven’t had a pair of Puma’s since the 8th grade, but this new packaging system makes me want to revisit the brand.

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