O Tannenbaum


Unless you’re one of those feet-draggers who still hasn’t gotten their tree up (dad!), this post is not exactly helpful or instructional, rather–safely and softly– hedonistic for those of us that could never get our fill of cozy Christmas home.

And so today I have enjoyed collecting some of my favorite trees–their ornaments and settings.  Hope they do their part in keeping you in the spirit (that’s spirit with a lower-case s).  And to keep you in the upper-case S Spirit (’cause need we go over again what this holiday is about?)…  a song while you view.

(p.s. if you’re looking for those tree “wall stickers” or metal imitations or bare branches with socks hanging off of them or something else off-color and anti-all -that -is -good -and -right -and -Dickens about this season– sorry but you won’t be findin’ it here sir)

New England Cape

Elegant Simplicity with one of my favorite combos…White & Gold

There’s even a place for the oddly shaped.  (Charlie Brown would approve i think)

Well-done Traditional

Bare on the Beach Cottage

I heart blue and white for Christmas

Victorian.  Rich and Stately

Bonus just for fun: click on the image below for Elle Decor’s collection of some Griswold-esque over-the-top outdoor Christmas Lights

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